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Hi! I’m Cori, a Portrait and Wedding photographer based in Southern California, serving Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and beyond. But if you are out of state or even out of country and you’re dying to have me photograph your most special day, I’d travel the world for you.


When not photographing people, you’ll probably find me curled up under piles of cozy blankets reading a good book about far-off places, connecting with kindred souls at a cafe with cake and tea, exploring and introverting in nature-y places, or eating tacos while re-watching Disney and Pixar movies. If all this gets you excited, we should taco 'bout it! *wink



Portland — January 2019
Las Vegas — February 2019
Paris — May 2019
Berlin — May 2019
London — May 2019
Amsterdam — May 2019
Seattle — September 2019
Positano — September 2019
Puglia — September 2019
Venice — September 2019
Rome — September 2019

You're my Bride if...


01. You love beautiful things but you love all your beautiful people even more. Relationships are so important to you. Whether it's romantic or platonic, you treasure the people nearest and dearest to your heart. You care deeply and feel happiest when your loved ones are happy and enjoying themselves. You believe in treating everyone with kindness, respect, and dignity, even if it may be someone you don't know.

02. You love to travel and crave adventure. The world is wide and you're burning with curiosity to explore and experience different cultures. You're probably dreaming of the next place you want to travel to. You love being in beautiful places but you'd rather not have to hike 10 miles to see epic views. Rather than hiking for 2 hours, you'd rather take a leisurely walk to a gorgeous nature-y location to take bomb photos. Same, girl, same.

03. You cherish moments and love nostalgia. You like to take trips down memory lane and bask in all the glorious feeling all over again. Once the guest leave, the flowers are hung and dried, the linens folded and returned, the only thing that's left besides your memories, are the photos. You know that you'll want to look back on your wedding day browsing through your heirloom album with your future family years from now.

04. You know you'll probably cry a lot on your wedding day. But the good tears. The happy tears. You're hoping that everyone else there will be crying along with you so you're not alone in the happy tear-fest. Don't worry. I'll be crying happy tears right there with you while taking photos and handing you tissues. I got you.

05. You read through all this. Girl, you're TOTALLY my bride if you're still here reading this. Let's talk! I want to get to know you more :)


"I didn’t want photos to just capture the image of people, but to capture each moment throughout our wedding. Cori did a wonderful job in capturing our joy, excitement, and laughters."

01 - 05

"I felt really insecure about modeling and taking professional shots of myself but Cori immediately knew my good angles, helped me pose myself confidently, and made me feel at ease by making jokes, waving her arms, smiling, and doing whatever she could to have me laugh to capture candid moments. Thank you Cori!"

02 - 05

"I have no words to describe the pics that I got...GOD, SHE IS GOOD!!! She rocks!!! Those photos are AMAZING!"

03 - 05

"Cori gets really giddy and excited when she captures which made me feel at ease because she was so excited during our photoshoot. That reassured me that the photos were coming out well. She made me feel really good about myself!! Thanks Cori!"

04 - 05

"We are so happy on how our wedding photos came out! Cori was a delight to work with, is very professional and has such a beautiful and artistic way of seeing everything."

05 - 05


Shall we see if we're a good fit?
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